Saturday, September 24, 2011

UAE Jobs Hotel

Promex Incorporated, a licensed recruitment agency located in Makati City, is looking for hotel workers for placement in UAE Jobs Hotel. This UAE jobs hotel had its Job Orders approved by the POEA last September 22, 2011 and has vacancies for Front Office Clerks, Guest Service Assistants, Public Area Attendants, Room Attendants, and Stewards who are qualified for the said UAE jobs hotel. Listed below is the number of vacancies for each of the said UAE jobs hotel.

Front Office ---------------------- 2
Guest Service Assistant ---- 2
Public Area Attendant ------ 3
Room Attendant --------------- 5
Steward --------------------------- 5

Babysitter Job Hiring

Nine Job Orders were recently approved by the POEA allowing nine POEA accredited recruitment agencies to recruit Babysitters for their POEA approved Babysitter Job Hiring. The said babysitter job hiring was approved for recruitment last September 15 to 21, 2011 and has vacancies for 171 babysitters who will qualify for the said babysitter jobs abroad. Listed below are the names of the recruiting agencies and the babysitter job vacancies for each agency.

Al-Madinah International Manpower Services ---- 35
Sanddune International Manpower Services ------ 36
Sky Resources Exchange Corp. --------------------- 15
MMML Recruitment Services, Inc. ------------------ 10
Mari Human Resources Inc. --------------------------- 25
Dalandan International Manpower Inc. ------------- 10
Dobim International Manpower Services ---------- 10
Al Alamia International Manpower Services ------ 15
AFT International Manpower Services -------------- 15

Monday, September 12, 2011

UAE Jobs

A POEA accredited recruitment agency in Makati City is currently accepting applications for their POEA approved UAE Jobs. These UAE jobs were approved for recruitment by the POEA last September 5, 2011 and offers employment opportunities in the hospitality sector of UAE. Listed below is the list of the said UAE jobs and the corresponding vacancies for each position.

Waiter --------------------------- 30 vacancies
Senior Waiter ---------------- 5 vacancies
Waitress ------------------------ 50 vacancies
Senior Waitress ------------ 5 vacancies
Sous Chef --------------------- 3 vacancies
Cook ----------------------------- 10 vacancies
Catering Assistant --------- 25 vacancies
Food Safety Assistant ---- 25 vacancies

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hospitality Job Hiring UAE

A leading POEA accredited recruitment agency engaged mostly in the deployment of hospitality workers abroad is again accepting applications for their POEA approved Hospitality Job Hiring UAE. This hospitality job hiring UAE are for Kitchen Stewards, Waiters/Waitresses, and Housekeeping Attendants whose Job Orders were approved by the POEA last August 23, 2011. Listed below is the number of available vacancies for the said hospitality jobs UAE.

Kitchen Stewards ---------------- 10 vacancies
Waiters/Waitresses -------------- 25 vacancies
Housekeeping Attendants ---- 20 vacancies